Current Projects

  • Forum Theatre worksops at Fleury Prison (women’s section), Paris, France.
  • Founded Frontierra, an organisation dedicated to advocating Migrants Rights through participatory Community Theatre. Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas, NYC.
  • Facilitating workshops at Immigrant Movement International , Corona, Queens, New York – touring of most recent interactive, bilingual piece “American Nightmare? Pesadilla Americana?” in Brooklyn (Finding Atlas, and Make the Road NYC) and Queens (Make the Road NYC). Article from Diario MEXICO here.
  • Working with a team on DREAMers, an investigative theatre project with The Civilians (Documentary Theatre) on the effects of Deferred Action and the potential DREAM Act for undocumented immigrants in the USA.
  • Ongoing project: translating into French, Spanish and Hungarian a detailed collection of Social Theatre activities, games and devising processes for practitioners internationally. If interested in this project, please contact me.
  • Facilitated a brief introduction to TO at a Housing Rights outreach direct action, March 18th at Judson Church.
  • Participant in a panel discussion on ‘Theatre of the Oppressed for Self-Organizing and Building a Community’ with Theatre Of the Oppressed Laboratory (TOPLAB), at the Left Forum Conference, held at Pace University March 16-18.
  • Facilitated workshop on ‘Identity and the Bronx’ with adolescent immigrant population (Women’s Housing and Economic Development).
  • Facilitated an introductory workshop to Theatre of the Oppressed at the New School (Milano) for a class in Community Mobilisation (New York).
  • Facilitating a series of workshops in social theatre facilitation, open to all social workers, activists, theatre practitioners, community leaders, and others interested in approaching their work through social theatre.

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